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Andrea Scroggs

 April 11, 2014
Invariant -something does not change under a transformation. 

In the future a great war has taken a toll on a generation of young soldiers. The injured veterans of the war understand that unless extreme measures are taken - we are going to lose. The battlefield turns to experimental triage to help soldiers become something more but at the cost of being less than human. 

The gamble works, the war is won, but society is not prepared for the changed soldiers coming back home. They are not returning home as heroes but as a surplus generation no longer needed. The question of what makes someone human has been answered and it isn’t good news for the veterans. Many become homeless, some become servants, the rest go to recycling. 

Follow the life of one soldier who is thrust into servitude after the war comes to an end. What she finds is the fight is far from over. 

Warning: The graphic content inside this novel deals with themes such as war and domestic abuse. If you are extremely sensitive to either this might not be the book for you. 77 full color pages!
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A quiet early morning on a backwoods dirt road is shattered as a drug deal takes a bad turn. Billy Jingo finds himself in the middle of the aftermath with drugs and cash for the taking. But Billy finds his new found wealth is not so easy to hold onto when organized crime and the cops comes looking for it. A mysterious girl that might just be the girl of his dreams and a fast ride start him on the run as he attempts to stay one step ahead of the killer the crime syndicate sent to find him and the cops. Fast paced and action packed. The first book in the Rebecca Monet series.

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The Earth's Survivors SE Books:

What if the world as you know it ended tomorrow? The governments toppled and the dead began to rise from their sleeping? What would you do? Would you be able to survive? The Earth's Survivors Series of books follow a group of men and women as they struggle to survive on a vastly changed earth, where the dead

sometimes do not remain dead. Follow along as they try to rebuild their own lives as they rebuild their world. 
A great change was coming to the Earth. Catastrophe was about to change everything her people took for granted. It made some wish for death, but death was no longer a guarantee. For some death had become some other sort of life. A life they could not easily leave. 

Several lone survivors live through what will become the dawn of a new world.  
The only thing these people had in common is that they all lived in the same small city in upstate New York. Before the week was out they would be thrust together in a struggle for survival. Before the month was out those that survived would begin to seek out others who had lived through the catastrophe that had blighted the Earth. Looking for ways to stay alive...  

Earth's Survivors SE 1 Contains the complete text of books One and Two of the Earth's Survivors books. It also contains a complete character bibliography, additional character information and illustrations, book lists and other bonus material.



Earth's Survivors SE 2 Contains the complete text of books three and four of the Earth's Survivors books. It also contains a complete character bibliography, additional character information and illustrations, book lists and other bonus material.




 January 11, 2014
Used as a weapon against terrorism for years Danni has never seen life as more than just a job. Being orphaned at a young age she grew up institutionalized by the government that modified her by introducing bioengineered viruses and bacteria that help Danni do her job by regenerating her body over and over no matter how damaged she gets trying to protect the people around her. Now things are changing, she has a new partner and he’s nothing at all like she expected. 

Simon is a charming good looking guy with the world at his fingertips. He doesn’t know anything is missing until he see’s his new partner. Danni is sexy, sweet and innocent and he just can’t keep his hands to himself when it’s completely against the rules. Danni is a Bionite and you aren’t supposed to fall in love with one. 

11000 word short story. All sexually active characters are 18 years of age and older. This book is for adult audiences only.

JOSEPH SWEET: Requiem For Humanity: Last Days Book One

 December 25, 2013
Book One follows groups of survivors trying to make it in the new world against increasingly overwhelming odds. 

But things are changing. 

The zombies are evolving, becoming smarter, and regaining their former sentience. 

Humans, just barely managing to scrape by as it is - struggling to hold on to hope where there may no longer be any - will soon have to face a more horrifying and disheartening realization. 

This world belongs to the dead now. 

And there may soon be no place for the last remnants of the human race in the sprawling graveyard that the earth has become.


What are some of your childhood memories? Could they be things like a special birthday party, a family trip, a reward for an achievement? Sarah had her own set of childhood memories, a boy tied to a chair, a dark leather belt, forgotten birthdays, being hungry, vacant eyes, and lost innocence. These are the memories that put dark clouds on her days, and caused her to cry out in her dreams. These are the memories of a child living a life enveloped within child abuse.

"I Love You Baby Girl", is the true story of the adversity and triumphs one girl faced as she fought against those that threatened her very survival. Cry with Sarah as her pain is described, wonder how she could survive the constant abuse, cheer her on as she fights back, and rejoice with her when she finally breaks through to freedom from a life of heartbreak.

"I Love You Baby Girl" is volume #1 in a two part series called Not a Victim... But a Survivor.  The second book in the series "I Learned to Love Myself" will be releasing the end of April 2013, and is a continuation of Sarah's story as she heals from a past of child and sexual abuse, and becomes a survivor.

"I Love You Baby Girl" is a novella length work of approximately 15,000 words.   Read More

More From Our Writers


Publication Date: March 15, 2013

A Place Called Shiloh is the story of a man who is forced out of his village and into the desert, to search for a place that holds the key to his identity. What is his name? His purpose? Who are his people? Where did they come from and why are they here?

Each character that he meets along the way will challenge him and provide answers and direction for his life.

About the Author

About David F. Sweet David Sweet is a Christian who has served in various ministries spanning 35 years. He makes his home in Watertown New York, where he lives with His Wife Debbie and their two dogs. This is his first published novel.

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The third Earth's Survivors Settlement Earth book continues the Saga of the Survivors to stay alive.

Frank, Gary and the others have left Rochester and returned to the small upstate New York town of Glennville to end the confrontation once and for all, realizing that there will never be any peace, any freedom, until they face Luther on his terms.

Willie has come face to face with death once more and has reluctantly accepted the fact that there can be no escape from Luther's evil into death for him. He feels he was destined to be who he is, and sees no way out of that destiny.

Joe and Arlene are getting closer to New York, but they are beginning to believe that there will be no reason to be there once they do arrive.

The Earth’s survivors are drawing together. The largest battle, the one that will determine their freedom, is about to be fought. Will the Survivors find their freedom? Earth's Survivors Settlement Earth Book Three delivers the survivors to their largest battle yet, and an ultimate prize that awaits them if they can Survive...

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Publication Date: April 6, 2013

Over one hundred years ago, the last great emperor of Eman passed away, leaving the once united empire divided among his four sons. From that time until this, the land, while divided, has enjoyed peace and prosperity, each of the four empires recognizing their common ancestry. This bond, however, is not enough to curb the greed of men, and the old allegiances collapse, plummeting Eman into war.

The empire of Esoto Eman attacks their southern neighbors in Di Eman without provocation, many villages being demolished in the very first stroke. One such village is that of Riverstone, the marital home of the newly wedded couple Jian and Shinya. When the armies of Esoto rampage through the village Jian is away hunting and returns to find the village nothing more than a smoldering pile of ash. He sets off to find his wife and instead finds himself caught up in the middle of a war between brothers.

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Bear is the leader of the Outrunners just as Mike is the current leader of the Nation. Bear, Beth, Billy and Pearl are the heart of the team. 
We don't know much about Bear, he is a closed man. He is loyal. He is a loner and prefers to be. He and Beth have formed a relationship that they will need to depend on to both lead the Outrunners, and keep The Nation safe.. 

This book starts at the beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse and introduces you to the Outrunners before they are the Outrunners. It travels forward until they meet the other Earth’s Survivors. It brings the story line, journals, and diaries, up to where book three left off, and then continues past that. 

Travel along with Bear, Beth, Billy and the others as they fight their way out of New York City and death and destruction there.

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 October 11, 2013
I found the Mexican slumped over behind the wheel. Blood dripping down the side of his head. A gun on the seat beside him. Another guy was slumped over into the floorboards on the passenger side. That one was dead for sure. A large, bloodless hole on one side of his chest. A larger hole behind that shoulder I saw when I reached over to move him. And why are you still here? A little voice in my head whispered. Why are you touching him? What are you doing? But I pushed those warning voices away and continued to look.

There was blood and gore all over the seat on that side. The coppery stench of blood was thick and nauseating. Something else mixed in with it, tugging at my brain. Blood and... Fear? Something. That was when the Mexican spoke in all that silence and nearly made me jump out of my skin.

"Don't call the cops!” and... “No Policia." His head came away from wheel. He shook it and drops of blood went flying. I felt it hit my face. But I was still too stunned to move.

"Hey! ... You hear me, Blanquito? Habla English? ... No Policia?" He muttered under his breath "Dios Christos," he focused his eyes on me once more. "What's the matter with you?"

"I thought you were dead," I managed. I should've run. I chose to talk.

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